Direct factory prices

Due to our large volume of business we are able to offer direct factory prices to our customers as we benefit from economies of scale.

New designs every week

Our dedicated team of designers develop new designs every week as per the latest fashion trends. Innovative carved jewellery with unique designs is our hallmark.

Guaranteed quality

We follow rigorous production process to make our products long lasting this enables us to give Gurantee on all our product

Friendly and Experienced Sales

Our Salespeople are friendly and cooperative. Based on their years of experience they happily suggest the latest designs according to the fashion trends of your country. They will help you choose the best selling designs only.

Whatsapp order facility

Want to check out our latest designs? All it takes is a Hi on our Whatsapp on +97142254417 . And our Salesteam will be happy to assit you and send you the latest design pictures

Exclusive designs

Celebrity inspired fashion trends evoke a lot of excitement and eagerness to purchase among consumers. The latest fashion trends on Instagram are followed while designing the jewellery.

Tax free

Our company is Tax free Planet compliant. So you can get our products cheaper as you save the Tax.

Worldwide shipping.

We have ready stock of 50,000 designs which we can ship same day. Through our transportation agents present worldwide, we find it easy to deliver our products to remotest corners of the world.

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Immitation jewelry also known as Costume jewelry , fashion jewelry , Artificial jewelry in different parts of the world is jewelry which only looks like real gold , silver and diamond jewelry but is not made from any precious materials. Based on the tone of the gold plating it is also known as 14K , 18K or 21K gold plated jewelry. You can differentiate between real and immitation jewelry based on the prices at which they are sold.


We have a wide range imitation jewelry inspired from Real gold jewelry designs to keep you always on trend in the world of fashion.

We have a wide range imitation jewelry inspired from Real gold jewelry designs to keep you always on trend in the world of fashion.


CZ Jewelry is created with cubic
zirconia which offers impressive
shine like diamond.


The laser ornaments are created
in brilliant tone with a
combination of metals and alloys.


We have the best designs of
Indian fashion jewelry collection
inspired from latest celebrity trends

Our recent collection

Get our exclusive collections of bracelets ,rings, locket set, bangles, Necklace sets, Pendant sets, Hair accessories that keep you ahead of the curve. We have 1000+ designs in each collection.



Since 1964, we are one of the top suppliers for Imitation Jewelry under the brand name FC Beauty. Our Sales department operates as a Factory Store in U.A.E offering direct factory prices. With multiple manufacturing units in Asia, we currently hold ready to ship inventory of 50,000 exclusive designs and export in 70+ countries. So all your Immitation jewelry requirement will be fulfilled under one roof.

Video : Our Wholesale Showroom in Dubai, U.A.E

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Our Clients

We keep our customers happy by delivering the best quality and the latest designs.

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Our Team

Being a family owned business passed on from generations the Team here
believes in long term relationships and great customer service.

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